Sunday , February 26 2017

13 Reasons to Start Practicing Yoga


Thinking about taking up yoga? According to a 2012 survey from the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association, more than 22 million people over the age of 6 practice yoga in the United States, and with good reason. The mental and physical rewards of yoga are well worth it — relaxation, better …

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How to Breathe During Bikram Yoga


Yoga is often about breath, more than movement. Many new practitioners of Bikram and other types of yoga must learn how to properly breathe as their practice develops. Follow these steps to get it right. Use the Two Methods of Breath for Bikram Yoga Study the two types of breath …

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This Morning Yoga Sequence Will Boost Your Energy in 15 Minutes


Do you find yourself waking up in the morning feeling tired, irritable, and already stressed by the upcoming day? Consider adding a short but effective yoga sequence to your a.m. ritual. Irina Ovsiannikova, a yoga instructor from YG Studios in NYC has created this awesome 15-minute routine, designed to help …

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This Yoga Class Lets You Drink Beer And Curse The Whole Time


Inhale, exhale. It’s time for yoga. You know yoga as a physically, mentally and spiritually relaxing activity that makes you strike poses and feel good about yourself. Traditionally, yoga is seen as a meditation ritual that encourages tranquility. But now, thanks to Rage Yoga, those thoughts have been turned upside down(ward dog). …

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4 Ways to Build Hip Stability + Prevent Injury


Tight or open, your hips need to be strong for injury-free movement. Learn how to build more stability in common yoga poses. Stability in the hips is crucial for athletes—and everyone else: The hips’ primary function is to bear weight, and we need them to stabilize the upper body, support …

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10 Yoga Poses To Improve Your Sex Life


Yoga helps build endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, and muscle control in all areas of the body, including the back, abdomen, and groin. It also improves self-confidence, self-awareness, and sensitivity. Regular practice of Sitting Wide-Legged Straddle, Viparita Karani, Child, Bridge, Lotus, Plow, Eagle, Goddess, Downward Dog, and Lizard poses will improve …

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5 Ways Yoga Can Boost Athletic Performance


It ain’t just about striking a pose. Yoga can help boost power, keep you injury-free and help you build more muscle in the long run. Ahh, yoga. Crunchy, serene, woo-woo yoga. But we’ve got news for you: It’s not just for hippies or girls in yoga pants anymore – just …

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