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34 Yoga Stretches And Main Muscles Involved


Whether you’re crazy about exercising, or you’re a beginner in fitness, you may already know that stretching is a mandatory routine before and after a workout. I, personally, do yoga stretches because they improve blood flow, joint flexibility, posture, and lower the risk of injury and pain. Even if yoga stretches are part …

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10 Yoga Poses You Should Do Every Day


Which of the following best describes you? Runner or cyclist Group fitness junkie Weight lifter Hope to fit in exercise a few times a week No matter where you find yourself on your fitness journey (including not being on that journey whatsoever) there is one thing we all have one …

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Finally, the Perfect HIIT Yoga Workout You’ve Been Waiting For

Preparing for martial arts

  If you’ve ever heard somebody say, ‘Yoga isn’t a workout,’ and felt totally infuriated, we’re with you. Although there are more restorative forms of the ancient practice, yoga can be as hard—or harder—as other types of exercise, and offers major physical and emotional benefits as well. Not only does …

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3 Yoga Alignment Cues That Every Beginner Should Embrace

xx oo NayNay

New to yoga? Don’t panic if you’re in information overload and overwhelm. There are a lot of yoga poses, many unfamiliar Sanskrit words, and not a ton of classes designed specifically for beginners where you’ll get individual attention. If you’re looking for the CliffsNotes versions, the bare essentials for this yoga …

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Yoga For A Strong Core: The Only Move You’ll Ever Need


This weekly core drill will get your abs and back muscles stronger in no time. Below, I’ll provide a beginner, intermediate, and advanced option of knee-to-chest contractions. Choose the version that best suits you. See if you can advance throughout the week to some of the more advanced options. As …

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Yoga for Plantar Fasciitis


Malasana (Garland Pose) can help ease the stiffness and pain caused by plantar fasciitis by gently stretching the ankles and the connective tissue of the foot. Seems that every year at this time I hear from students complaining about a new pain that has developed on the sole of the …

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10 Reasons to Make Time for Yin Yoga When You’re Too Busy


Think you don’t have time for yoga during the holidays—much less 3-minute pose holds? Yoga Medicine teacher Shannon Stephens makes a case for why yin yoga may be the best practice for your busiest times. As a full-time yoga instructor with a demanding schedule that has me running between classes …

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