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5 yoga poses to do before bed

This sequence will help you get back into your body, slow down and regulate your system from our hectic days. It’s so important to decompress before bed and this sequence will help you do just that. 1. Child’s pose with pillow or bolster The pillow or bolster will help to …

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Yoga May Be Good for the Brain

A weekly routine of yoga and meditation may strengthen thinking skills and help to stave off aging-related mental decline, according to a new study of older adults with early signs of memory problems. Most of us past the age of 40 are aware that our minds and, in particular, memories …

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6 Simple Yoga Poses for Firm Breasts!

Breast size and shape are often sources of insecurity for women. Many women believe there’s nothing they can do about the shape or size of their breasts, other than plastic surgery. As it turns out, there are certain yoga poses that can improve the shape of the breasts, along with …

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6 Yoga Poses That Activate the Glutes

Yoga can be an amazing exercise for the body. It can allow you to improve posture, strengthen the core, and lift the butt. That is, if working toward a tighter, more yogilicious booty is a priority for you. Here are some poses and some things to think about in common …

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10 Inspiring Yoga Teachers You Should Know

There are countless people out there making a positive difference through yoga, and choosing only 10 for this list was a challenge, to say the least. While we would like to acknowledge everyone who shares the gift of yoga we are starting with 10 inspirational yoga teachers that have inspired …

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