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10 Yoga Poses To Improve Your Sex Life


Yoga helps build endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, and muscle control in all areas of the body, including the back, abdomen, and groin. It also improves self-confidence, self-awareness, and sensitivity. Regular practice of Sitting Wide-Legged Straddle, Viparita Karani, Child, Bridge, Lotus, Plow, Eagle, Goddess, Downward Dog, and Lizard poses will improve …

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5 Ways Yoga Can Boost Athletic Performance


It ain’t just about striking a pose. Yoga can help boost power, keep you injury-free and help you build more muscle in the long run. Ahh, yoga. Crunchy, serene, woo-woo yoga. But we’ve got news for you: It’s not just for hippies or girls in yoga pants anymore – just …

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6 Great Yoga Poses for Gardeners (and Other Outdoor Lovers)


Gardening is one thing I look forward to each spring—planting new flowers and shrubs and watching the greens and colors pop out of their slumber to celebrate the sun and warm weather. But there is always one downside to gardening: the pain in my back and the knees afterwards. So, …

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8 Most Common Questions from Yoga Beginners


When new students come to yoga class, they have a number of questions. The experience can be overwhelming for a new student and often, they have overcome significant obstacles to get to that first experience. Even in the first few months of a new yoga practice, some general questions usually …

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Benefits of Yoga: Which Type Fits Your Personality?


  It looks like America is getting the memo: The benefits of yoga are well worth it. A 2012 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) concluded that almost 10 percent of all Americans, or over 21 million people, now regularly practice yoga (up significantly from 6 percent of all Americans in …

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8 yoga poses you can do in 8 minutes to relieve back pain


  I’ve talked before about the importance of mobility and flexibility throughout the body. But today, we are going to talk about the importance of maintaining flexibility in your hips. In today’s world, most of us sit at a desk all day and sitting for extended periods every single day will inevitably …

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