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How to Do the Bird of Paradise Yoga Pose


The Bird of Paradise yoga pose can be difficult to complete for the first time, and it’s even more difficult to fully master so that you can move into the pose fluidly. However, being able to achieve this move can add to your repertoire of yoga poses, increase your flexibility, and boost your overall fitness and health. The Bird of Paradise consists of lifting one leg and stretching is straight upward while supporting it with both arms from underneath.

  • Begin by getting into Warrior pose. Stand with your feet wide and your right toe pointed outward. With a straight back, lower your body by pushing your right foot even further to the right and bending your right knee. Your right thigh should be parallel to the ground and your left leg should be extended. Both arms should be held up, straight out to the sides, at shoulder height.
  • Put your left arm behind your back. Reach under the front of your right thigh with your right hand and clasp your left wrist with your right hand. Hold this clasp throughout the entire pose.
  • Pull your left foot toward your right, so that they are next to one another. Both of your knees should be bent.
  • Slowly point the toe of your right foot, placing the weight of your body solely on the left foot. Then lift your bent right leg until you’re standing straight up with all your weight on your left foot.
  • When you feel confident that you have the balance to do so, straighten your right leg and you will have completed the Bird of Paradise pose.


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