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8 Mudras From Yoga To Help You Stay Healthy In Life

There is a saying, your health is in your hands, and it’s quite likely that it was inspired by yoga. Yoga helps you to be healthier and battle serious illnesses easily with the power of mudras. Mudras are hand gestures that direct the flow of energy to your body during meditation. Here are some yoga mudras for better health:

1. Gyan Mudra


This mudra helps in increasing knowledge, improves your memory, and helps you concentrate better. It helps you relax and meditate better. It also helps in relieving stress and worries, and helps you stay focused and balanced in life.

2. Vayu Mudra


It helps you release excess air from your stomach to keep it gas free. It helps in releasing air from your body and enables various health benefits. If your mind is anxious, restless, over-excited, and your body is going through various hormonal imbalances, this is the best mudra to bring your mind and body back in balance.

3. Prithvi Mudra


This mudra helps you improve your blood circulation, reduces weakness, and helps in boosting your metabolism. If you’re concerned about your hairfall, Prithvi mudra will help in initiating the regrowth of hair by activating the follicle cells. It can help you lose weight, strengthen your tissues, bones, cartilages, flesh, skin, and muscles. It also helps in reducing ulcers and burning sensations.

4. Agni Mudra


It stimulates thyroid gland, helps in digestion, and helps in beating weight issues and anxiety. Agni mudra is especially important when you need to control your abnormally low body-temperature, coldness of your skin, body, limb, and hands, when you’re not able to keep up with the cold weather, when you need to fix your metabolism, fix your appetite and constipation, and when you need to sweat it out.

5. Varun Mudra


This mudra helps in regulating the fluids in the body, and is considered very beneficial for skin. Varun mudra balances the water content in your body and prevents dehydration. It also helps in retaining clarity in blood by balancing the water content in the body, makes your skin glossier and smoother, helps in dealing with diabetes, and keep your kidney and liver in a good shape.

6. Shunya Mudra


It is beneficial for people who have issues with hearing. It can be used to treat earaches, ringing noises in the ears, and partial or complete deafness. It can also help you overcome travel sickness.

7. Prana Mudra


This mudra helps in improving immunity, refreshes the body, and balances your body’s energy. It helps in enhancing vitality and immune system of the body, improves power of life, reduces the clamps in blood vessels, improves power of your eyes, and removes vitamin deficiency. It also helps in improving concentration power and improves sleep.

8. Apanu Vya Mudra


It strengthens your heart and is very effective for people who have suffered a heart attack. It normalizes blood pressure and stimulates circulatory system. It reduces nervousness, calms your nervous system, helps in relieving acidity, gas formation, belching, and strengthens your bones, cures insomnia, and cures hiccough.

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