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5 Yoga Poses That Can Fix The Damage Your Desk Job Is Causing Your Body (With Method And Benefits)

If your job involves sitting and staring at a laptop or computer all day, then you’re guilty as charged for being yet another person who is destroying their spine, body, and health by sitting too much.

Besides bad posture, strained neck and shoulder muscles, a hunched and inflexible back, lower back ache, and titled pelvic placement; these are only some of the damaging effects of sitting on your derriere all day.

However, it is possible to reverse these detrimental effects with a few stretches and an adequate amount of time set aside to stretch it out.
Here are some yoga poses to try at home:

Tip: Hold each of the following poses for about 30 seconds each.

1. The Forward Fold


This pose effectively stretches out your spine, and cracks open those compressed and hard parts of your back, that happens when sitting without back support.


First, inhale and stretch your arms upward by keeping an upright position, then slowly bend, or fold your body forward, as your fingers reach for your toes or the ground. Make sure not to bend your knees as much as possible.


This is the perfect back stretcher and relaxer, as it eases the stress your spine puts on your stomach, since it not stretched out as much.

2. The Downward Dog


This pose successfully tones your back and abdominal muscles and further strengthens your spine alignment, which gets out of line when you’re always seated.


Maintaining the forward fold pose, move your hands forward towards the end of the mat, like you’re crawling, and position your arms right below your ears.


This position can relieve those troubling upper and lower back aches and toughen those muscles too.

3. The Cobra


This pose kicks out that annoying pain in your back’s nooks and crannies, making your spinal movements as fluid as a cobra by flexing those tight and stressed muscles.


Start by lying on your belly, placing your palms firmly on the floor, like you’re about to do a push up and then slowly lift your upper body alone, by looking forward and keeping your chest open.


Known to instantly ease out your lower back pain, it also works on your ab muscles too.

4. The Bow Pose


Is your best bet to loosening up your neck muscles, which become constricted and lose their original and normal position as you hunch and work on your computer.


All you have to do is stretch your arms backward, lift your legs forward, and grab the tips of each foot, thereby pulling your torso upwards.


This pose eases and stimulates your neck muscles’ fluidity and improves your upper body posture.

5. The Sphinx


By cracking up the squeezed areas of your lower back, this pose truly takes a load off the bottom half of your spine.


Lay on your stomach, with your arms stretched forward, then align your elbows below your shoulders and slowly stretch your upper body above.


The Sphinx reduces lower back pain and inflammation and in turn spreads out the spine evenly to the way it should be.

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