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24 Celebrities Who Should ALWAYS Be Wearing Yoga Pants

Fashion is something well dictated by celebrities, socialites, and high-end magazines. What celebrities have taught us in the last year or so is that yoga pants can be more than just workout gear. These stars have dressed up their workout clothes and dressed down their normal clothes in these well put together outfits that all surround one concept: yoga pants. Companies like Onzie, K.Deer and Alo Yoga have put out some high end, American made yoga leggings that not only last long but look fabulous. All of these companies would love nothing more than to wake up and see their leggings on a celebrity captured by the paparazzi. This is free advertising that any small business can only dream about.

Though many prefer yoga pants for their ‘tight around the booty’ nature, they’re also super duper comfortable; making them the perfect choice for a lazy day around the house or a trip to the grocery store. Oh, and they’re also great for yoga. One of the stars in this list is actually doing yoga in the photo, the others are either coming from or going to a workout. While others even dressed up their yoga pants with a pair of heels for a day out shopping.

24. Eliza Dushku

Eliza Dushku

All of that vampire butt-kicking on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel must keep actress Eliza Dushku in tip-top shape. Just check out this photo of her backside in these adorable yoga pants. If you ask us, Eliza should make this attire her everyday uniform, because it makes her body look on point! While at the airport, Eliza was photographed by the paparazzi while getting her luggage and carry-ons checked out. We wonder if she realized that the one who was being most checked out was herself? Everyone had their eyes on Eliza, who was smoldering in sleek black yoga pants and a cute light pink T-shirt. Her booty was petite yet perky and with a gorgeous feminine roundness, and those yoga pants did it a whole lot of justice. She even has that all elusive thigh gap that all the girls want. Thank you, Eliza, for infusing an airport with so much sexiness.

23. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

As a Victoria’s Secret Angel, you can bet that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has the body of perfection. At 5-feet, 9-inches, Rosie is tall, lean, and oh so sexy. She has to be, it’s her job! Although we’re pretty sure that Victoria’s Secret approached her because she was already smoking hot to begin with. Some people just get all the luck in the genetics department. That isn’t to say that Rosie doesn’t work out like mad. She actually has a pretty intense training routine, just like most Victoria’s Secret models. Just see for yourself in this photo of Rosie in VS’s sport collection, which features yoga pants, leggings, sports bras, and more for women who want to train (or pretend to train) like an Angel. And if you want to see more gorgeousness, then check out Rosie in a recent photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar. It’s amazing how someone with such one-of-a-kind beauty can be so versatile.

22. Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel

There are so many reasons to be jealous of Jessica Biel. First of all, she is married to Justin Timberlake and had his baby (who is gorgeous, by the way). Secondly, Jessica has one of those figures that makes you swoon with envy. Known for being equal parts strong and sexy, Jessica is right at home on the set of a blockbuster film as well as in the gym, pumping iron. The actress even practiced martial arts for her role in Total Recall. She also loves doing cardio and strength training to keep her figure looking tight and toned (even post-baby), and her favorite activities are volleyball, yoga, and plyometrics. This girl can seriously kick butt! We love this photo of Jessica getting her burn on in a downtown gym while giving her quad muscles the ultimate workout with a resistance band routine. See? We told you she was hardcore!

21. Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana

While we mourn the fact that Zoe Saldana will not be in the Avatar 2 movie, we can take heart in knowing that she is still looking as hot as ever. Zoe looks good whether she is all in blue, pregnant with babies, or just waltzing around town. It may be hard to believe, but this actress is a mommy of two, and she still has the body of a young twenty-something! She was spotted in the city while wearing a sleek workout get-up: grey yoga pants and a long-sleeved top to match. Zoe is 5 feet, 7 inches of pure beauty, and she is one of those people who just naturally has very little body fat and the most supple skin in Hollywood. Her physique is totally svelte, and we give her some mad props for those defined and muscular quads of hers. And don’t even get us started on her butt; there are so many girls out there who would kill for that booty!

20. Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

Not only is Kate Hudson an adorable actress, but did you know that she has her own line of exercise clothing? True story! And Kate is a fantastic model to show off the clothing. Check out her Fabletics items and you will fall in love with the patterns and styles that Kate has to offer. Of course, you might be bummed out that you don’t look as delicious in these pieces as Kate does, but hey, she is Kate Hudson after all. She can model any of the pieces, which give us a glimpse of her perfectly defined abs, her toned obliques, and the round shape of her booty. Our personal favorite is this pair of black and white yoga pants, which feature intricate detailing and designs that encourage the eye to move all around Kate’s legs and butt. Not that we aren’t doing that already! Yeah, we said it!

19. Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell has a lot to be happy about. Not only does she look smashing these days, but the 36-year-old is slated to work on Frozen 2, sequel to the ever-popular Disney film Frozen. Sure, there are rumors that Kristen is having a beef with Idina Menzel on the set, but you know how those Hollywood tabloids spin things. The truth is that Idina is busy with wedding plans, which is causing some scheduling conflicts with the Frozen 2 cast. No big deal, really…maybe they should just “let it go”!? Anyway, Kristen is one celebrity who takes care of herself, both physically and mentally. She has spoken out about depression and anxiety, and she can be spotted around town getting her workout in. We loved seeing her in these snug-fitting yoga pants, which showed off a perky and toned booty, as well as some seriously good-looking quads. Work it, girl!

18. Mila Kunis


Mila Kunis has been looking hot and sexy for years, and we’ve been wondering just how she manages to do it! From That ’70s Show to Black Swan, Mila has been a hottie with a body, and she looks delectable all year round. We love that she makes it a regular habit to pow around in yoga pants. The paparazzi have spotted her heading to the gym, grabbing a coffee, and just lounging around town in these yoga pants, and we adore them. Mila has always been a thin girl, but her curves are on full display in these pants, and we love that the fabric tugs perfectly at her hips and booty. We can’t imagine the number of squats and lunges she does each week, but the hard work is definitely paying off. We love these black yoga pants that Mila sported one hot afternoon; they were capris and showed off her toned calf muscles and tanned skin.

17. Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus can’t be tamed, and to be honest, we don’t really want her to be tamed. The singer is constantly leaving us speechless, whether she is appearing on a talk show in pasties, flying around nude on a wrecking ball, or dancing provocatively in a teddy bear costume. Yet what really gets us feeling hot under the collar is Miley in her yoga pants. Even though this kind of clothing is usually referred to lazy Sundays and girls’ nights in, when Miley wears yoga pants, she looks like a red hot diva. These pants are perfect for Miley’s signature twerking, and her defined abs and toned tush look absolutely fabulous in them! Lately, Miley has been galavanting around town with her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth. We bet that he is just as happy whether Miley is in a party gown or yoga pants! She certainly puts an X-rated spin on things!

16. Kylie Jenner


It’s usually Kim Kardashian that people think of when imagining celebrities with awesome butts, and yet Kim’s little sis, Kylie Jenner is looking mighty fine. The 19-year-old has transformed into a hot young woman, and she is definitely not afraid to show the world her feminine assets. Her social media profiles are filled with selfies showcasing her luscious lips, as well as her banging badonkadonk. Whether she is wearing a swimsuit, her workout gear, or an expensive cocktail dress, Kylie’s rear end is often at the forefront, and the paparazzi is always scrambling to snap the perfect photo. Lately, Kylie has been celebrating her sister Kendall’s and her mom’s birthdays, but people haven’t been ignoring Kylie. In fact, she is rumored to be the leading singer in a new band: Terror Jr. No matter her on-stage look, our personal favorite is her post-workout attire – tight black yoga pants that hug every single curve.

15. Megan Fox



Even though she’s had two kids, Megan Fox still rocks those yoga pants with the best of them. The bombshell actress paired her black yoga pants with a black workout jacket and pink top for a film. Fox hates going to the gym but has used a celebrity trainer to help her get fit for major roles and awards shows. She got her start in television in 2001 after she landed a regular role and hit series Hope & Faith. Her first role in films was in the Lindsay Lohan tween movie Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and then her biggest role came in the Michael Bay action blockbuster Transformers with Shia LaBeouf.

Megan Fox is one of the most notable actresses in Hollywood for her beauty in the early 2000s and has appeared in some very provocative magazines. She has been featured and even on the cover of mags like Maxim, FHM and Rolling Stone.

14. Nina Agdal



Nina Agdal got her first work for companies like Billabong and Victoria’s Secret. She has also been featured in Bebe stores along with some international work. As far as editorial work, Agdal has been on the cover and within multiple fantastic magazines. Among these magazines are Vogue Mexico, Elle, and Cosmopolitan as well as her spots in Sports Illustrated Magazine. She was named “rookie of the year” by Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue’s coveted annual list in 2012. Two years later, 2014, she was featured on the cover alongside Chrissy Teigen and Lily Aldridge. In 2013, Agdal appeared in one of those messy Carl’s Jr. commercials during the Super Bowl halftime show. This Summer she has been on Leonardo DiCaprio’s arm, the notorious lover of models. What changed with this model is that Leo officially made Agdal his girlfriend in a recent story that first developed on Instagram.

13. Kim Kardashian

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Via loopfyblog

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