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34 Yoga Stretches And Main Muscles Involved


Whether you’re crazy about exercising, or you’re a beginner in fitness, you may already know that stretching is a mandatory routine before and after a workout. I, personally, do yoga stretches because they improve blood flow, joint flexibility, posture, and lower the risk of injury and pain.

Even if yoga stretches are part of my daily workout schedule, I never knew exactly what muscles I’m actually stretching. But that’s until a few days ago, when I found these great illustrations with yoga stretches created by Vicky Timón.

Just take a look over the infographic below and choose the best yoga stretches that match your goals. With this information you can easily find the trouble muscle if you ever feel pain when stretching. So altering your technique, or switching it to a new exercise for the same muscle would be a simple move to avoid getting injured.

Don’t push too far with these yoga stretches, and stop whenever you feel some pressure or strain on your joints. You should focus not only on breath, but on your movements too, which need to be as smooth and natural as possible.

It doesn’t really matter how long you’re holding the stretch, so focus on other things, such as relaxing your muscle when returning to the initial position. Take around 20 seconds for this relaxing movement.

34 Yoga Stretches For Everyone

There are 34 different variations of yoga stretches in the infographic below. So if you feel like a specific stretch doesn’t give you the expected results, try a different variation for the same muscle.

34 Yoga Stretches

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