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10 Words to Know So You’re Not So Confused in Yoga Class

10. Om

Pronounced: AUM (three sounds — “aah,” “ooh,” and “mmm”)

Translation: The literal translation of “om” is vague. It can mean almost anything. Some translate “om” to represent the heavens, earth and underworld. Others resonate with the idea of “om” representing the waking state of all consciousness.

Origin: “Om” is considered one of the most powerful of all mantras. It was originated by rishis as they meditated. It was first meant to experience the feeling of the sound as it resonated through the body. It then transitioned into a harmonizing chant to begin and end a practice or prayer. Yogis chant “om” to manifest a superconscious state and draw awareness to their physical presence in the world and connect their emotions and thoughts.

What to expect in class?

Many yoga teachers like to begin and end the class with this chant. If so, instead of feeling silly, try to be open to the experience and recognize how harmonizing this sound may make you feel.

What Do YOU Think?

Do you feel more ready to conquer your next yoga class? Do you like it when instructors use yogi lingo, or would you rather they stick to layman’s terms? Have you ever heard any of these words in yoga class before? Are there any other Sanskrit words you’ve heard in yoga class? Leave a comment below and let us know!


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