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A Yoga Teacher Has a Powerful Message For People Who Think Size Matters If You Want To Practice Yoga


Ever see those yoga videos and think: “Well, nope, I don’t look like that, so I can’t bend like that.”1

Does that mean you can’t try yoga?

Well, no!

A yoga teacher, named Dana Falsetti, has a powerful message for people who think you have to be a certain size to do yoga: “Everybody has a body for yoga, no matter what they look like.”

Dana pursues an active career running yoga classes and workshops all around the world for people of all sizes and experience levels. She also has a kick-ass Instagram page with around 214000 followers to encourage people to think less about how they look or what their size is and just practice yoga.

Her personal journey took her from a life of binge eating, dieting alongside struggling with depression and anxiety, for which yoga became her calling to change that lifestyle, mind-set and outlook.

It also taught her (and now also tells us) about the stigma of being a yoga teacher who is not thin but can still be strong, flexible and rock those yoga poses.

Dana says, that contrary to popular assumption, yoga is not about how one looks, but about how much practice and dedication you put to make your body move or bend that way. This not something that came easily even for her.

Similar to Dana’s case, this is one example of many yoga, Pilates or exercise videos that drives the ‘assumption’ that there is a certain criteria on how to look to be eligible for working-out. So, let’s just slide all of that off the table.

The next time you feel daunted about trying that one crazy yoga pose, because it doesn’t look like that in the yoga video or even if you just kept falling flat on your face or ass; take Dana’s spirit into your stride and strike that yoga position, just one more time, no matter what the haters say.


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