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These Simple Pilates Moves will Tone and Tighten Your Core!



Pilates is a fantastic style of exercise that helps promote physical strength and flexibility along with things like posture. Along with yoga and regular exercise techniques, many athletes and professional performers practice pilates to help them get in shape and improve their health.

When it comes to strengthening your core, practicing pilates based moves is one of the most beneficial things you can do. Many pilates-bases exercises are specifically designed to tighten your core, rather than just your abs like more simplistic exercises tend to do.

The exercises on this list are all pilates classics that can give you one amazing workout and keep your core in great shape.

Rolling Like A Ball

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This fun exercise helps work out your abs and provides tons of relief for your back muscles as well. To execute, simply place yourself into a seated position, bringing your knees folded up towards your chest and your toes pointed, then grasp your hands behind your knees and gently rock back towards the tops of your shoulder and back down to your bottom.

The Hundred

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This exercise helps build tons of strength in your core by testing it to the max. Lying face up, extend your legs outward at a 45-degree angle with your heels touching and toes spread apart and lift your head and shoulders up off of the ground. Then, lift your arms next to your thighs and and pump them up and down one hundred times (hence the name The Hundred) while inhaling and again while exhaling.


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Sadly, this form of swimming doesn’t involve splashing and fun in the sun, but it does require a little bit of core strength. Lie down on your stomach with your head facing down, thighs pressed together, and toes pointed, then stretch your arms outward in front of you then lift your head, legs, and chest off of the ground and hold. Then, while inhaling and exhaling as normal, lift alternate arms and legs (right, left) without touching your other limbs down to the ground, lifting higher as much as possible with each count.


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This one should feel pretty familiar. To do this exercise, lie down flat on your back and pull your knees up to your chest with your hands behind your head, supporting it, then extend your right leg out in front of your body and twist your body towards your left leg, holding for a few counts, then repeat with the other leg for a few sets.

Single Leg Stretch

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This single leg stretch may look easy, but it’s actually pretty hardcore. To execute, lie flat on your back with your legs completely flat on the ground, then slowly lift one leg up towards the ceiling, toes pointed, and trace a circle with your pointed foot, keeping your leg up straight for as long as possible before switching legs.

Lower Lift

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This move helps strengthen out your core as well as your legs. To perform, lie down flat on your back, with your hands behind you, supporting your head, then press your feet together and lift your legs up towards the ceiling and lower them down a few inches and hold a bit before lowering them to the ground and starting all over again.


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Work out your abs, back, and thighs with this intensive move. Lie down on your back with your legs pressed tightly together and your arms flat on the ground on either side of you, then lift your legs overhead with your bottom slightly off of the mat and your toes pointed, then towards the left with your body tilted also, and then to the right.

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