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Baptiste Yoga: 10 Poses for Strong Arms

Master Baptiste Yoga instructor Leah Cullis, who will lead YJ’s upcoming on-line course Pillars of Power Yoga (enroll right here to be the primary to know when this fitness- and focus-boosting course launches), demonstrates 10 poses that tone and strengthen your arms with out including bulk.

Yoga is an unimaginable approach to construct higher physique power and tone and sculpt all of the muscular tissues within the arms WITHOUT bulking up. When I carry weights I can create muscle mass shortly, so understanding on the fitness center all the time made me really feel greater and extra dense, slightly than stronger and extra assured in my physique. It wasn’t till I dedicated to Baptiste Yoga—utilizing my very own physique weight to construct power—that I began to see outcomes that have been distinctive to my very own physique and follow.

These 10 poses will allow you to domesticate lengthy, lean muscle tissue in your arms with out creating bulk. They will even make you are feeling extra open, extra energized, and extra in contact together with your private energy. Before you start this sequence, I like to recommend warming up with at the least three rounds of Sun Salutation A and Sun Salutation B. You can apply these poses as they’re within the sequence or add them into your personal follow independently. Hold every pose for 5 breaths until in any other case famous. And keep in mind to relaxation in Child’s Pose everytime you want a break.

  • Downward-Dog Splits

    Come into Downward-Facing Dog: Plant your arms shoulder-distance aside or wider on the prime of your mat, unfold your fingers, and root down via your knuckles. Lift your hips excessive and step your ft to the again of the mat. Separate your ft hips-width aside, and align your ft at 12 o’clock. From the pores and skin to the muscular tissues to the bones, hug in, and agency your legs and arms. With an inhale, carry your proper leg excessive, straight and powerful, lifting out of your internal proper thigh. Flex your lifted foot, and switch all 5 toes to face the bottom. Lengthen out of your proper wrist by means of your proper heel, and repeat on the opposite aspect.

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  • Plank Pose

    Plank Pose

    Stack your shoulders over your wrists and prolong your heels to the again of your mat in Plank. Ground your knuckles into your mat, soften your thoracic backbone (higher and center again), and hug your thumbs towards the middle of your mat. Firm your arm and leg muscle mass to the bones. Extend your crown ahead and attain your heels again. Lengthen your tailbone towards your heels and raise your low stomach up and in.

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  • Four-Limbed Staff Pose

    Four-Limbed Staff Pose

    Chaturanga Dandasana

    From Plank, press into the primary two knuckles (thumb and index finger) of every hand together with your palms flat. Lift your gaze barely and shift ahead to your toes, and bend your elbows to 90 levels instantly over your wrists. Plug your arm bones in your again and open throughout your chest. Lengthen by means of your aspect physique, knit your entrance ribs in, and raise your low stomach.

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  • Upward-Facing Dog

    Upward-Facing Dog

    Urdhva Mukha Svanasana

    Press your palms to the ground on the prime of the mat at shoulder-distance aside, and the tops of your ft to the again of your mat at hips-distance aside. Root down via the triads of your arms, press the earth away from you as you draw your higher arm bones again, and raise and open throughout your chest. Stack your shoulders over your wrists, and soften your elbows barely. Engage your quadriceps (entrance thigh muscle tissue) and stomach to raise the entrance of your thighs off the mat.

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  • Side Plank Variations

    Side Plank Variations

    Vasisthasana variations

    Ground down by means of your decrease hand and carry your reverse arm to the sky. Press the outer fringe of your decrease foot into the ground and stack your higher foot on prime. Press down into your backside hand and increase open throughout your coronary heart middle and up by way of your prime hand. Lift your gaze prime hand and unfold your fingers large. Press your tailbone towards your heels and raise the pit of your stomach up and in. Flex each ft, unfold your toes, and hug your leg muscular tissues to the bones. When you are feeling secure together with your basis, begin to play with leg variations. Float your prime leg up and increase out in all instructions; create Tree Pose together with your prime leg; or plant the large toe mound of your prime foot behind your backside leg and spin your chest excessive for Wild Thing. Repeat on the opposite aspect.

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  • Crow Pose

    Crow Pose


    From Downward-Facing Dog, stroll your ft up towards your palms to arrange for Crow. Plant your palms shoulder-distance aside, and press your palms into the mat, particularly your first two knuckles, then bend your elbows. Shift your weight into your palms, and place your knees on the again of your higher arms, near your armpits. Keep your gaze ahead in entrance of your fingers as you shift your weight ahead and begin to carry your ft. Squeeze your internal thighs into your higher arm bones and raise your hips towards the ceiling. Hold for 5–10 breaths. Exhale and bounce or step again to Chaturanga, then transfer by way of Upward-Facing Dog and Downward-Facing Dog, or just step again to Downward-Facing Dog.

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  • Plank to Dolphin Plank

    Plank to Dolphin Plank

    From Plank, place your proper forearm on the mat, then stroll your left forearm down intoDolphin Plank. Plant your proper palm on the bottom, after which left hand right down to press again as much as Plank. Repeat this sequence 10 occasions alternating which arm begins, and hyperlink with breath. Lower to Dolphin Plank on the inhale, and press as much as Plank on the exhale.

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  • Fallen Triangle

    Fallen Triangle

    From Downward-Dog Splits, on an exhale, shift your weight ahead into your palms, hug in, and contact your proper knee to your left tricep. Gently kick your proper heel previous your left wrist. Press down into the pinkie toe fringe of your proper foot and squeeze your inside thighs collectively. Press down via your proper hand knuckles, raise your left arm to the sky, and gaze as much as your prime hand. To deepen your opening and expression, you possibly can drop your head again and attain your prime arm out lengthy and towards the bottom.

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  • Fallen Triangle Chaturanga

    Fallen Triangle Chaturanga

    From Fallen Triangle, plant your left hand again to the mat and root down by means of your knuckles. Hug your internal thighs collectively and have interaction your core. Shift your gaze barely ahead and bend your elbows to 90 levels for a Chaturanga variation. On your exhale, press as much as Plank variation with cut up legs, and inhale carry your proper leg excessive to Downward-Facing Dog Splits. Repeat Fallen Triangle and Fallen Triangle Chaturanga on the opposite aspect.

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  • Locust Pose

    Locust Pose


    Lie down on your stomach with your forehead on the mat. Interlace your fingers at your lower back for a bind. Bend your elbows and hug your shoulder blades in toward your centerline. On an inhale, straighten your arms and lift your chest and legs. With your feet hip-width apart, point and spread your toes. Keep your gaze down with your neck in line with your spine. Repeat two times.



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