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Are Bikram Yoga Poses Energizing Like Sleep?

Regular practice of yoga, whether Bikram or other styles, can result in a number of noticeable improvements, from more refreshed and youthful-looking skin to improved functioning of internal organs. If you’ve been feeling fatigued or groggy lately, you may want to try incorporating a Bikram yoga class somewhere into your regular workout routine through the week, because it just might boost your energy levels, leaving you feeling as refreshed and invigorated as you would from a good night’s sleep.


About Bikram Yoga

  • Bikram yoga was developed in the late 20th century by Bikram Choudhury and consists of 26 specific yoga posture exercises. Bikram yoga classes are performed in a room with the temperature set to approximately 105 degrees Fahrenheit, with an average of 50 percent relative humidity. Performing posures in a heated room is said to improve flexibility, enabling the body to move more freely and deeply into each pose.

Energy-Boosting Benefits

  • Bikram yoga is said to increase energy levels, help to clear the mind and strengthen the whole body, as well as significantly increase oxygen intake. Practicing Bikram yoga not only helps to increase the body’s supply of oxygen, but also teaches you how to use that oxygen more efficiently by controlling the breath. When proper breathing techniques are utilized, the oxygen is transported more efficiently through the body. Bikram yoga is also said to help relieve fatigue and improve cognition, allowing for better focus and increased energy and awareness.

Other Benefits

  • Besides temporarily energizing you like sleep, Bikram yoga can offer other significant health benefits. Regular practice of Bikram can enhance concentration, helping you feel energized and refreshed. The raised temperature of the room increases the number of calories burned per session, helping you burn body fat faster. Bikram yoga is also revered for helping to stimulate the major organs and blood flow in the body, improving organ functioning and the body’s ability to naturally remove toxins.


  • Bikram yoga classes should only be led by certified Bikram teachers, to ensure that the poses are performed correctly and safely. Although the energy-boosting effects of Bikram yoga are impressive, it is still important to maintain a proper sleep schedule. A full night’s sleep of eight to 10 hours is recommended, and it is additionally beneficial to try and keep a regular sleeping pattern to maximize energy levels through the day.

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