Sunday , September 25 2016

10 Inspiring Yoga Teachers You Should Know


There are countless people out there making a positive difference through yoga, and choosing only 10 for this list was a challenge, to say the least. While we would like to acknowledge everyone who shares the gift of yoga we are starting with 10 inspirational yoga teachers that have inspired …

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6 yoga poses for glowing, clear and wrinkle-free skin


If you want clear skin, go beyond cleansing and moisturising. Add yoga to your daily routine. The yoga poses will not only make you look better and give you a glowing skin but also make you feel energised and rejuvenated. If you are a beginner, start with hastapadotasana or standing …

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12 reasons you should take up Pilates

Woman working out with an exercise ball

Finding the exercise that’s right for you can turn you from an exercise-hating couch potato into an insufferably eager campaigner for your exercise of choice. Sure, you’re more irritating now, but at least you’re healthier. If you still haven’t found you perfect exercise, here are 12 reasons why you should …

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Power Yoga: 8 Minutes of Pure Movement


Get warm fast with this advanced power yoga warm up. If you have a regular yoga practice, dive into this fluid flow designed to get the whole body warm in just 8 minutes. Often, I start an online class, just to get me moving on my mat, and then proceed to …

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The Ultimate Pilates Ab Workout: 6 Must-Try Moves


Image: Courtesy of DailyBurn If you’re sick of slogging through endless rounds of crunches at the gym, we don’t blame you. Ab workouts can be boring — but that’s where Pilates comes into play. Based on more than 600 exercises and variations, Pilates keeps ab work interesting while helping you …

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